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Vendor: Altair Semiconductor


1.Description of the product • The FourGee-3800 is Altair’s third generation LTE SoC featuring a 3GPP LTE compliant baseband modem which supports LTE category 4 (CAT-4) throughputs (150Mbps/50Mbps DL/UL respectively) and LTE Release 10 features, alongside a high performance CPU subsystem. 2.Differentiation and advantage • The FourGee-3800 incorporates state-of-the-art technologies such as interference cancellation (INCA™) and enhanced DL/UL link budget. • The modem supports both LTE duplex modes – TDD and FDD on a single chip and single software with seamless interworking and handover between the two. • The CPU subsystem features a high performance architecture with a variety of host interfaces including SDIO 3.0 slave/master, USB 2.0/OTG and RGMII. 3.Target market • The chip supports a standard audio interface for supporting voice over LTE applications which require attachment of an analog phone. • FourGee-3800 modular architecture and high performance modem and CPU subsystem make it suitable for integration in devices such as mobile handsets, portable WiFi/LTE routers, CPE routers, M2M, USB dongles and other embedded devices.


FourGee-3800B – 289 balls BGA Package, 10x10, 0.5mm pitch