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Vendor: Altair Semiconductor


1.Description of the product •he FourGee-6300 is a radio frequency transceiver that serves as a companion chip to the 3GPP LTE baseband processors: • FourGee-3100 • FourGee-3800 • The FourGee-6300 supports both LTE TDD/FDD bands 2.Differentiation and advantage • The transceiver supports six concurrent band configurations, enabling the design of a six-band LTE UE without requiring external switching circuitry. • The FourGee-6300 is manufactured using low-cost RF-CMOS process technology, and excels in both RF performance and power efficiency 3.Target market • FourGee-6300 high performance make it suitable for integration in devices such as mobile handsets, portable WiFi/LTE routers, CPE routers, M2M, USB dongles and other embedded devices.


FourGee-6300 − 8x8mm BGA, 180 balls, 0.5mm pitch