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Vendor: GCT Semiconductor, Inc.


Product description: • LTE Single chip including RF Transceiver and Baseband supporting LTE Advanced. • 3GPP Release 10 and 11 compliant. • Supports FDD/TDD LTE Category 5, 6 and 7. • 4x4 MIMO and Carrier Aggregation (CA). Differentiation and advantage: • Supports 3.5GHz in addition to all legacy LTE bands. • Advanced LTE with unique flexible Carrier Aggregation combination for downlink and uplink. • 4x4 MIMO/4Rx Diversity support. • Enabling High power UE (HPUE). • On-chip VoLTE. Target market: • World-wide 3.5GHz carriers who need high speed LTE devices. • Ideal for high performing LTE devices such as smartphones, tablets mobile routers, CPEs, etc.


• Supports 4x4 MIMO.
• Downlink speeds of 300 Mbps (FDD) and 220 Mbps (TDD).
• Supports 3.5GHz TDD.
• 13x13.5 mm BGA package.