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Mr. Liu Yulin

2019-07-29 18:47:00| Source:

Mr. Liu Yulin

Vice Director General of Department of Information
and Communication Development
MIIT of China

Mr. Liu Yulin, Vice Director General of Department of InformationCommunication Development of MIIT of China, addressed in his speech that Chinese government attaches great importance to the developmentapplication of informationcommunication technology (ICT). Great efforts have been made to promote large-scale application of ICT, tap consumptionproduction, as well as accelerate technology innovation to further drive 5G development.

Therefore, Mr. Liu Yulin put forward three proposals:

First, promote 5G network constructionnext generation infrastructure,speed up efforts in 5G R&Dindustrialization to strengthen the convergence of 5G plus AIcloud computing.

Second, develop 5G integration applications, encourage more participation from companiesindustries of all kinds to explore potential opportunity of 5G.

Third, encourage GTIother international organizations to play a more important role, while deepening international cooperation on technology, standards, frequency, industryapplications to jointly maintain a fair, justtransparent development environment.