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Mr. Yang Jie

2019-07-29 18:51:00| Source:

Mr. Yang Jie


China Mobile

Mr. Yang Jie, Chairman of China Mobile, introduced the development plans of 5G network and “5G +”, and put forward three suggestions:

•  Accelerate the 5G development and maturity of Release 16 standard.

•  Promote SA end-to-end maturity, and accelerate supply of multi-mode multi-band 5G devices supporting both NSA and SA.

•  Explore extensive cooperation with global operators and partners to promote sharing in information, resource and achievements, and build a win-win global industry ecosystem.

Mr. Yang Jie underlined that GTI has contributed much in promoting the global scale commercialization of TD-LTE and TDD/FDD integration development, and encouraged GTI to make further contribution to 5G standards, technologies, ecological construction as well as international cooperation.