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Mr. Ming-kai Tsai

2019-07-29 18:57:00| Source:


Mr. Ming-kai Tsai


Mr. Ming-kai Tsai, Chairman of MediaTek, noted the following in his keynote speech:

As the core technology, IC enables development of mobile communication industrythe rise of SoC, bringing large number of diverse 5G applications in mobile terminal market.

SoC/IC plays a more crucial role in the ecosystem of mobile communication services.

As the integration develops, more cooperation with cloud service providers will be encouraged to jointly provide better user experience.

In May, MediaTek released the first 5G SoC in the industry, equipped with the fastest sub-6GHz 5G modemthe latest artificial intelligence processor APU 3.0.

Great efforts will be made to bring the first batch of 5G terminals to marketaccelerate the maturity of 5G ecosystem.