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Mr. Zhao Houlin

2022-01-24 16:53:00| Source:

Mr. Zhao Houlin, Secretary General of ITU, stated in his speech that the new generation of information technologies represented by 5G is acting as a powerful driving force in people’s lives and economic recovery. While we should also keep in mind that almost half of the world’s population is still unconnected. It is our responsibility to give them access to the benefits generated by new emerging information and communication technologies.

Currently, as the 5G network deployment accelerates at a faster pace worldwide, it’s also critical to bring a variety of applications based on 5G technology to the market, so that 5G can be truly integratedall industries and serve the public. Mr. Zhao Houlin called on global industries to work together for more inclusive 5G networks and large-scale applications that can make greater contributions to the development of global information and communication technologies, accelerate digital transformation, and bring a better life to everyone.