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Mr. Mats Granryd

2022-01-25 14:17:00| Source:

Mr. Mats Granryd, Director General of GSMA, addressed that without spectrum for 5G, there will be no 5G. Access to the right spectrum in low-mid and high-bands will lower the costs of services for consumers and drive economic development. He said narrow channels mean denser networks, more complex handsets, higher costs and a higher carbon footprint. Therefore, it is crucial to promote right and efficient allocation of spectrums for 5G.

He called on the governments and regulators to allocate an average of 2 GHz mid-band spectrum in the 2025-2030 timeframe to guarantee the requirements for 5G, base spectrum decisions on the real world including population density, support harmonised mid-band 5G spectrum and facilitate technology upgrades in existing bands. All these efforts will allow operators to access the right spectrum, deliver 5G inclusively, and lower the digital divide.