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Mr. Gao Tongqing

2022-01-25 15:58:00| Source:

Mr. Gao Tongqing, Executive Vice President of China Mobile, delivered a speech titled “Open up Cooperation to Promote 5G Sustainable Development”. He said 5G accelerates "Connection + Computing Force + Capability" and the ubiquitous deployment of digitalized infrastructure, promotes wide application of information technology and data elements, and drives the booming of digital economy. As a key contributor to global 5G development, China Mobile is committed to building the world's largest 5G premium network.

Mr. Gao emphasized that China Mobile’s rapid development in 5G was inseparable from the support of spectrum, technology and joint innovation.

First, spectrum is the primary resource for 5G development. Chinese government took a scientific and precise approach in spectrum allocation, which ensured the network performance needed for 5G commercial applications and reduced cost on 5G deployment.

Second, technology is the first driving force for 5G development. China Mobile has been accelerating the leap-forward development of TDD from technical standardization, standard industrialization to industrial scale, laying a key foundation for 5G development.

Third, joint innovation is the primary model for 5G development. China Mobile has realized early on the importance of achieving collaborative innovation with vertical partners to accelerate various industries to go digital. 5G, as a new type of information infrastructure, will play a strategic, fundamental and leading role, and its success in commercial use and sustainable development will be of great importance.

As for this, Mr. Gao made three proposals: First, strengthen coordination to promote continuous and efficient allocation of 5G spectrum. Second, uphold innovation to promote continuous evolution and upgrading of 5G technology. Third, open up cooperation to foster continuous growth of 5G services and jointly create more diverse new business.