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Mr. Wasit Wattanasap

2022-01-25 16:34:00| Source:

Mr. Wasit Wattanasap, SVP of Nationwide Operation and Support Department at AIS, said to promote 5G development, AIS acquired the most bandwidth in all range from high band, mid band, and low band for best customer networks. For high band in millimeter wave, it acquired 1,200 MHz to allocate dedicated bandwidth for the industrials. He stressed that 5G for industrial is not just the technology, but also includes working with a lot of parties. While operators have the technology in telecommunication, they are quite new with the vertical industry, so it’s quite necessary to work with a lot of SI. 

Mr. Wattanasap said partnership is the key success story and key success factor to accelerate the digital transformations and plan the success of 5G. That means it is critical to create use cases, solutions and deliver them to the new territories such as industrial and vertical industrials etc.