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Mr. David Wang

2022-01-25 16:45:00| Source:

Mr. David Wang, Executive Director of The Board, Chairman of ICT Infrastructure Managing Board at Huawei, noted in his speech that 5GtoB has entered a new stage, and standardization acts the key to large-scale replication and 5GtoB development.

First, standardization of solutions. 5GtoB involves many stakeholders, so we need a one-stop standardized solution for sales, operations and services, to increase collaboration, innovation and operation efficiency.

Second, standardization of industry application certification. As 5GtoB enters more industries, strong industry applications become essential.

Third, standardization of device certification. Industries need better and more diverse 5G devices to meet the differentiated demands from various industries. 

Fourth, standardization of industry application regulations and standardization of network planning, delivery, and maintenance services are key to rapid 5GtoB replication.