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Mr. Chris Johnson

2022-01-25 16:47:00| Source:

Mr. Chris Johnson, Global Head of Enterprise of Nokia, said as we've forged ahead at an accelerated pace, we've moved beyond just connecting things to each other. The current objectives are to delve deeperthe capabilities that digitalization brings. Bell Labs defines 5G as a suite of technology enablers including: End-to-end 5G networks, Edge infrastructure/cloud platforms, Augmented intelligence and machine learning, Private networks, Advanced sensor and machine technologies, End-to-end security embraced etc.

He pointed out while some “digitally mature" industries have already embraced and achieved much of their digital potential, most asset intensive physical industries have yet to reach their digitalization potential. At last, he called on the industry to work together to build 5G solutions that have the right features, functionality, and industrial capabilities to produce the best outcomes for business.