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Mr. Gao Tongqing

2022-04-11 12:13:00| Source:

Mr. Gao Tongqing

Executive Vice President

China Mobile

Mr. Gao Tongqing, Executive Vice President of China Mobile, delivered a keynote speech titled “Connection + Computing Force + Capability” Builds a New Green and Low-carbon Future. He highlighted that China Mobile has always been devoted to green and low-carbon development, and building new information infrastructures based on 5G, computing force network and smart mid-end platform. In 5G, a nationwide 5G network with advanced technology and high quality was completed. Over 700,000 5G base stations were launched, accounting for about 35% of the global total number. It now has 6,400 5G commercial cases. In computing force network, China Mobile has deployed a “4+3+X” data center node layout with 1.2 million rackmount servers, and constructed over 1,500 CDN edge nodes. In smart mid-end platform, it launched a smart mid-end "Business + Data + Technology" platform (AaaS), with over 320 types of capabilities are now available and deployed on the platform.

Mr. Gao stated that China Mobile will implement “C2 Three Energy——China Mobile Carbon Peak Carbon Neutrality Action Plan”. Focusing on the three guidelines of "Energy Saving, Clean Energy, and Empowerment", China Mobile will further promote energy saving and carbon reduction in new information infrastructure, and better underpin the green and low-carbon development.

With regards to energy saving, it will continue to advance green transformation of network architecture, deepen deployment of network energy-saving technologies, and gradually improve energy efficiency of data centers, to reduce the energy consumption of new information infrastructure. With regards to clean energy, it will make active efforts to build zero-carbon/low-carbon data centers, reduce the usage of traditional energy, step up the comprehensive utilization of energy to increase the usage proportion of clean energy. With regards to empowerment, it will firstly accelerate upgrading of information infrastructure by strengthening connections, network-based computing force and empowering intelligence. Secondly, it will leverage new information infrastructure to power green development in high-carbon emission industries. Third, it will enable efficient governance in pollution prevention and control.

To further promote green and low-carbon development, Mr. Gao make four proposals: First of all, promote technology innovation and jointly strengthen green infrastructure. Second, achieve consensus and jointly enhance the new service system. Third, promote industrial integration and jointly create a connected green ecosystem. Fourth, deepen global cooperation and jointly build a green and open future.