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GTI 5G+Proximity Network Architecture Based on Digital Twin White Paper_v2.0

2022-10-19 14:42:00| Source:

Table of Contents 

1 Digital twin is the future direction of industry development 4

1.1 Three-tier architecture and key technologies of digital twin

1.2 Development Trend of Digital Twin

2 The concept and key technology of proximity network 7

2.1 5G+ Proximity Network Architecture and Key Technologies

2.2 Typical scenarios of 5G + Proximity network

3 5G + Proximity network architecture for digital twin 9

3.1 5G+proximity network three-tier architecture for digital twin

3.2 Six development trends and six technical dimensions of 5G+field network

3.3 Five connection technologies for 5G+proximity network

4 Typical applications of 5G+Proximity network industry for digital twin 20

4.1 Construction machinery manufacturing

4.2 Smart Mining Management

4.3 Smart Steel Industry Management