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GTI Industry Briefing May 2011

2011-05-11 23:51:00| Source:


Tunable MIMO Antenna Demonstrated For Multimode Multiband Handsets

IWPC: Delivering Multi-mode, Multi-band UEs in The Coming Years

TD-LTE Technical Trial in China -22 pairs IOT test completed

TD-LTE Large Scale Trial in China –All 6 Cities Have Launched Base Stations

1st GTI Workshop –Overall IntroductionTechnical Topics

1stGTI Workshop -GTI Official Website & Indoor TD-LTE USB Experience

1st GTI Workshop –Large Scale Trial TD-LTE Base Station Tour

Vividwireless Plans to Roll out TD-LTE Network by the End of 2011

Appendix 1 -TD-LTE E2E Products Overview

Appendix 2 -TD-LTE Vendors Overview

Appendix 3 -TD-LTE Technical Trial in China Overview

Appendix 4 -TD-LTE Large Scale Trial in China Overview

Appendix 5 -TD-LTE Global Market Overview

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