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GTI Industry Briefing No. 27 - April 2016

2016-04-29 13:34:00| Source:


Top News

GTI Successfully Held GTI Summit in Barcelona

GTI 2.0 Targets TD-LTE Evolution5G Development

China Mobile 5G Innovation Center: Collaboration for A Fantastic 5G World

15th GTI Workshop Continued with Trending Topics

GTI Awards 2015 were Presented at GTI Night


Antenna SelectionOptimization for Small Cell Networks

Drei to Build the European’s First Massive MIMO Trial

GSMA Awards for ZTE Pre5G Massive MIMOLeading Position of TD-LTE

Linkem to Deploy “Top-Down” 3.5G LTE-A Network in Rome

Optus Completes ‘4.5G’ Live Network Trial, Achieved 1.23Gbps Download Speed

Huawei Helps STC Complete its New 4.5G Demonstration

HuaweiQualcomm Jointly Demonstrate 4.5G (TDD+) Uplink Technologies

High Power UE Category for Enhanced Uplink Coverage in TD-LTE

In-device Coexistence Interference Analysis Using R&S CMWrun Sequencer Software Tool

China Mobile, Nokia showed 5G-enabled Ultra-fast Robot Collaboration

Nokia Demonstrates 5G ApplicationsCapabilities for New Business Opportunities

Openness, CollaborationShared Success - PowerSmart Home


TD-LTE Global Market Overview


GTI Development Overview


Appendix 1 – Welcome to Join GTI (to operators)

Appendix 2 – Welcome to Join GTI Partner Forum (to non-operators)