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GTI Industry Briefing No. 28 - September 2016

2016-09-14 10:30:00| Source:


Top News

GTI 2.0 Promotes TD-LTE Evolution5G Development

GTI Successfully Held GTI Summit in Shanghai

16th GTI Workshop Held in Shanghai

Reuse Infra as TDD Evolves to 5G

GTICMCC Cooperate with Automotive Industry to Promote Cross-field Innovation in V2X

GTI Investor Conference 2016 Held in Shanghai

Cellular IoTSession Held During the GTI Workshop in Shanghai

Collaboration in Asia for 5G Spectrum Workshop


Twin Beam Antenna Technology

China MobileNokia Conduct Trial of Innovative Centralized RAN & 4G Technologies

4G Wireless Broadband Opens Up Broadband New Era

3D-MIMO Measurements @ R&S

Worlds First 3.3GHz to 3.4GHz TD-LTE E2E System in Live Demo at GTI

ZTE Releases Pre5G White Paper at MWC Shanghai

Progress of CIoTTestingCertification Standard

The Explosion of IoTDevices Ask for New Carrier Acceptance Testing Solutions


TD-LTE Global Market Overview


GTI Development Overview


Appendix 1 – Welcome to Join GTI (to operators)

Appendix 2 – Welcome to Join GTI Partner Forum (to non-operators)