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GTI Industry Briefing No. 29 - March 2017

2017-03-09 14:12:00| Source:


Top News

GTI Held WorkshopRoundtables in Japan, Shifting to the GTI 2.0

GTI Technical Work Refined to Gear up for the GTI 2.0

4G Towards 5G – TDD Spectrum Workshop Successfully Held in Bangkok, Thailand

V2X Workshop


India Spectrum Auction Further Expands TD-LTE Market

China Mobile Launched Worlds First Commercial Wideband Massive MIMO in Shanghai

SoftbankWireless City Kick Off 5G Project

ZTE Wins Best Wireless Broadband Innovation Award for Pre5G Massive MIMO

High Capacity Channel Emulation for Massive MIMO BTS Performance Test

Channel Propagation Measurements for 5G Wireless Communication (1)

Channel Propagation Measurements for 5G Wireless Communication (2)

NB-IoT Lab Testing Solutions Help to Overcome the Challenges

Sprinting the Last Mile with WTTx

Testing Mobile Devices under High Speed Train Scenarios


TD-LTE Global Market Overview


GTI Development Overview


Appendix 1 – Welcome to Join GTI (to operators)

Appendix 2 – Welcome to Join GTI Partner Forum (to non-operators)