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GTI Industry Briefing No. 32 - April 2018

2018-04-28 10:54:00| Source:


Top News

GTI Summit 2018 Drives the 5G+AI DevelopmentFuels the Innovation

GTI 21st Workshop Addresses Key Issues on TDD Evolution5G Development

GTI Awards 2018 Winners Unveiled

GTI Embarks on Device Certification

The Progress on 5G Conformance TestCertification


Huawei Launches Full Range of 5G End-to-End Product Solutions

China Mobile Holds Hand with ZTE, Demonstrates Their 5G Strength at MWC 2018

NokiaQualcomm Complete Key Foundation Tests of 5G New Radio NetworkDevices

CMCC, DatangKeysight Demonstrate 5G-NR Technology in MWC 2018

Global Cross-industry Players Inaugurate 5G Slicing Association

NokiaSKT Conduct Trial of LTE-based VideoVoice Applications to Enhance Public Safety

ZTE Unveils 5G Full Series of Base Stations at MWC2018 for Commercial 5G Deployments

Huawei Releases First 5G Customer-premises Equipment

Nokia Launches ReefShark Chipsets that Deliver Massive Performance Gain in 5G Networks

Huawei Collaborates with VodafoneBosch to Enable Smart Cars to Communicate with Each Other


TD-LTE Global Market Overview


GTI AchievementsBreakthroughs in 2017

GTI Members UpdatesActivities in 2018


Appendix 1 – Welcome to Join GTI (to operators)

Appendix 2 – Welcome to Join GTI Partner Forum (to non-operators)