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GTI Industry Briefing No. 33 - July 2018

2018-08-06 13:37:00| Source:


Top News

GTI Summit 2018 Upheld 5G+AI for an IntelligentConnected World

GTI 22nd Workshop Addressed Key Issues on 4G Evolution5G Development

GTI Night Debuted in Shanghai: Achievements ReleaseSharing


Mobile Industry Works Together to Deliver Complete 5G System Standard on Time

O-RAN Founding & Board Meeting

5G Network Slicing Summit at Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2018

Nokia Successfully Completes 5G New Radio Data Call with 4G5G Dual Connectivity in China

Huawei Rotating Chairman Eric Xu: Bringing MBB to A New Level with 5G

DatangQualcomm Complete 5G NR InteroperabilityDevelopment Testing

China Mobile, IntelHuawei Complete 5G NR IODT

Nokia Launches Industry-First Edge Cloud Data Center Solution for the 5G Era

Huawei Establishes Industrys First Open Lab for Low Latency Technology Development

Datang’s Proposal of Dual Period Frame Structure for 5G eMBB was Approved by IMT-2020(5G)

Huawei Debuted Its C-V2X StrategyFirst RSU Commercial Solution

NokiaChina Mobile to Set Up Joint AI*5G Lab for Further Research

First End-to-End Multi-Vendor 5G Commercial Network Data Call

Nokia Bell LabsNTT DOCOMO Collaborate on 5G Innovations for Future Wireless Applications


TD-LTE Global Market Overview

M-IoT Global Market Overview


GTI Latest AchievementsBreakthroughs

GTI Members UpdatesActivities in 2018


Appendix 1 – Welcome to Join GTI (to operators)

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