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Singapore Launches Project to Empower its Civil Defense with 5G

2023-09-19 13:46:00| Source:Rcrwireless

The project is supported by IMDA’s 5G Innovation Program, which helps enterprise adopt and commercialize 5G technologies

Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) announced a new 5G project, which it is collaborating on with Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX), the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF), StarHub and IBM.

The 5G initiative that will enable SCDF frontliners to enhance operational readiness through automating equipment inspection process and facilitating remote assistance using smart glasses, AI and AR technologies.

IMDA said that this project will be tested in SCDF’s smart fire station as well as on its latest-generation fire emergency vehicles.

The test will feature AI-powered visual inspection, voice-activated commands, step-by-step on-screen procedures and dynamic content display on 5G-connected smart glasses, which will save time needed for firefighters to inspect their equipment and enhance the monitoring of equipment inventory.

Data from the inspections will feed a centralized dashboard to capture defects and provide status updates of equipment in real-time. This will raise SCDF’s operational readiness to respond to emergencies, IMDA said.

The test will also feature AR-assisted real-time remote assistance. During a post-fire investigation, the technology allows commanders on the ground to have live access to fire investigation specialists through real-time augmented annotations video interactions to assist in thorough scene processing and analysis in a timely manner.

The next phase of this two-year project will see full integration of solutions with backend services and ongoing field testing. IMDA and IBM will support SCDF in integrating data governance and cybersecurity to the operations, the watchdog said.

This project is supported by IMDA’s 5G Innovation Program, which helps enterprise adopt and commercialize 5G technologies. As the tech arm of the Home Team, HTX offers its technical capabilities and guidance for this project to ensure that it meets SCDF’s operational needs. Meanwhile, IBM delivers the end-to-end solutions leveraging AI technology, automation and AR, while StarHub provides secured 5G connectivity and hardware to ensure optimal performance of these solutions.

“IMDA has been championing 5G innovation and commercialization over the past four years and we have seen significant progress. As a leading regional hub for 5G innovation, Singapore has pioneered many of the region’s first 5G projects in the areas of Industry 4.0, Holomedicine, Maritime and more. We will continue to support our industry and enable our partners to tap on 5G capabilities in enhancing their operations and service offerings,” said Ong Chen Hui, assistant CEO at IMDA.

 “As one of the first-in-the-world to achieve nationwide 5G standalone (SA) coverage and as the first country to extend public 5G SA coverage to sea for maritime operations, IMDA will continue to build a robust future-ready digital infrastructure that meets both current and future demands,” Hui said.

Tan Kit Yong, head of enterprise business group at StarHub, said: “With our StarHub 5G technology, we are proud to play a pivotal role in this game-changing project and help SCDF enhance their operations through real-time information management, operations synchronization, and AR remote assist. Leveraging our capabilities in 5G, AI, Cloud, and Green Tech solutions, we are committed to delivering enduring value to enterprise and government clients in the region, co-creating our digital transformation journeys together.”

IBM noted its IBM Maximo Visual Inspection solution, through 5G-connected AR smart glasses, is being used to automate equipment inspection and ensure frontliners’ equipment readiness.

Ronald Castro, VP of IBM Supply Chain, said: “IBM is committed to support Singapore in its Smart Nation efforts and will continue to help organizations and partners explore new possibilities brought by cutting-edge technology like AI to drive process efficiency, augment labor productivity and transform IT automation.”