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Las Vegas Selects Juniper Network for its 5G Private network

2023-11-17 14:02:00| Source:Rcrwireless

Las Vegas selected Juniper Networks’ Cloud Metro solution, featuring ACX7024 cloud metro routers and EX4300 switches

Juniper Networks announced the city of Las Vegas has selected Juniper Cloud Metro solutions for building its private 5G network, with the aim of powering services for the city government, public schools, tourism and residents.

In a release, Juniper Networks said Las Vegas is looking to build and operate the largest private 5G network in the United States, complemented by a portfolio of smart city capabilities. To achieve this goal, Las Vegas selected Juniper Networks’ Cloud Metro solution, featuring ACX7024 cloud metro routers and EX4300 switches to form the backbone of the metro network. This infrastructure is managed using Juniper Mist Wired Assurance, an AI-driven cloud service that enhances visibility, automates operations and assures service level agreements.

Juniper noted that the network’s initial coverage spans the city’s Innovation District and is rapidly expanding to serve surrounding areas and its residents. Juniper also said it had collaborated with the city’s system integrators to design a future-ready network that is open and intelligent, allowing any third-party application or end-user device to connect.

“Our Cloud Metro solution is designed for forward-thinking cities like Las Vegas that aim to harness the power of cutting-edge technology to deliver a superior experience in a sustainable manner,” said Julius Francis, senior director of product marketing of the Automated WAN Business at Juniper Networks. “By creating a responsive, AI-driven, and secure network, we’re laying the foundation for Las Vegas to offer unparalleled services to its residents and visitors, pushing the boundaries of what a smart city can achieve.”

Juniper highlighted that the information generated by connected city systems will be used to make a positive impact on the day-to-day lives of residents and visitors and allow city leaders to make data-driven decisions, including reducing traffic congestion with last-mile transportation solutions and efficient traffic flow for the eventual use of self-driving electric cars.

Earlier this year, Las Vegas’s CTO Michael Sherwood took part in RCR Wireless News’ Private Networks Forum to offer insight into what to expect from the network in the future.

According to Sherwood, the city is lookingseveral additional applications for the CBRS private network, including autonomous vehicle technology and even providing internet to the city’s homeless population. “We see the CBRS network as being a way of… help[ing] some of those people in transition,” he explained, saying they can access things like online banking, for instance, to remain part of the economy.

When asked if there are plans to monetize the network, Sherwood shared that while he certainly recognizes the value of doing so, the city isn’t “looking at that model right now.”

“We’re really about delivering services. We’re not thinking of it as a utility at all. We’re using it to serve the community, and so we don’t charge for the services, we don’t intend to charge. So, no monetizing. Although I’d love to say yes, I don’t see that as where we’re going as an organization,” he continued.

The private network is supporting use cases in Las Vegas such as telemedicine and remote learning, as well as some IoT capabilities.