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Telekom Malaysia Launches 5G Labs for Enterprise Customers

2024-02-23 10:52:00| Source:Rcrwireless

Both labs will provide immersive showcases and demos of digital solutions, Telekom Malaysia said

Telekom Malaysia’s enterprise unit, TM One, announced the launch of two new labs with the main aim of accelerating the development of 5G-powered digital services and solutions for large enterprises and the government sector.

The company noted that both labs will serve as hubs to bring together the latest technologies, ideas and digital entrepreneurs. The 5G labs will provide a collaborative space where the telco, its customers and partners can experiment and develop tailor-made solutions.

Both labs will also provide immersive showcases and demos of digital solutions so customers can experience and better understand the implications and advantages to their own operations.

Telekom Malaysia’s CEO Amar Huzaimi Md Deris, said: “Through these initiatives, we aim to foster greater industry collaboration, and propel key areas such as enterprise 5G and smart services with AI to help organizations thrive in the digital age.”

The executive also said the innovation lab and enterprise 5G lab will be complemented by the company’s 5G Sphere Partnership Program, which has partnerships with over 50 local and global entities to support co-creation of new innovations. TM One’s Sandbox will also provide a secure operational test-bed environment for partners and customers, he added.

Operators in Malaysia are currently offering 5G services using the network owned by state provider Digital Nasional Bhd (DNB).

DNB was set up by the Malaysian government in 2021 as a special-purpose vehicle to develop the country’s 5G network infrastructure, which private telecommunications firms would use to offer 5G services to their customers. DNB’s 5G network was deployed by Ericsson.

The Malaysian government had previously stated that Malaysia would shift to a dual 5G network once DNB achieved 80% coverage in populated areas, a goal that was achieved by the end of last year.

The government recently confirmed that the special committee overseeing the implementation of the country’s 5G network was working to prepare a Cabinet memorandum soon to discuss and decide whether it is time to allow a second 5G network.

“We announced that 5G network coverage reached 80.2% on December 31, and so, not too long from now, we will announce our decision on whether to allow telecommunications companies establish a second network, apart from DNB,” communications minister Fahmi Fadzil said.

Fadzil also said the number of 5G subscribers in the country reached eight million as of the end of last year.