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ZTE to Showcase 5G-A Developments During MWC 2024

2024-02-27 11:16:00| Source:Rcrwireless

During MWC 2024, ZTE said it will showcase its indoor 5G-A CampSite solution, among other solutions

BARCELONA–Chinese operator ZTE will unveil its latest developments in the 5G-Advanced (5G-A) field during Mobile World Congress 2024, taking place this week in Barcelona, Spain.

In the field of green infrastructure, the Chinese vendor will unveil what it claims to be the industry’s first constant power amplifier efficiency radio platform for optimal performance.

“The latest radio platform achieves near-constant PA efficiency, ensuring optimal performance at all times. This enables 25-30 percentage points higher PA efficiency and 35% lower RRU power consumption than the industry average,” said ZTE.

ZTE also highlighted that the industry’s first “hibernation” technology has been deployed at scale across over 300,000 AAUs to reduce the power consumption of AAU to as low as 5 watts when there is no traffic. “This technology has also been applied to RRU, helping achieve power consumption as low as 3 watts when there is no traffic. For small cells, hibernation enables 0 watts for pRRUs when there is no traffic, and the cell can be awakened in seconds when there are any attempts of service access,” the vendor said.

In the 5G-A B2C segment, ZTE said its Uni-Radio offering achieves simplified integration of 7-bands1, with dual-band AAU, achieving a reduction of radio units from 10 to 1.

During MWC, ZTE will also unveil its 1.6GHz bandwidth mmWave AAU, which enables single cell to achieve over 28 Gbps capacity, empowering 10Gbps+ experiences. “It serves for diverse scenarios, including fixed wireless access (FWA), large-bandwidth mobile backhaul and UHD live broadcasting, among others,” said ZTE.

The vendor also noted its all-in-one-box private 5G solution for core productions, dubbed UniEnginem realizes integration of 5G core, 5G RAN, and simplified O&M, while providing computing to enable effortless deployment of third party applications. “Enhanced deterministic capabilities of RAN offer much improved service guarantees. The simplified O&M significantly assists even less experienced enterprises in rolling out their private 5G networks and enables end-to-end service performance monitoring,” said ZTE.

During the event, ZTE will also showcase its indoor 5G-A CampSite solution, which integrates communication and computing, enabling 5G-A network setup within one hour. “CampSite facilitates new use cases such as 5G-powered TV broadcasting, wireless large-scale and backpack-free VR entertainment, among others,” said ZTE.

The Chinese vendor also claimed to have deployed the first 5G-A based vehicle-road-cloud integrated V2X network, enabling autonomous driving and enhancing traffic efficiency.

In the NTN field, ZTE also claimed the industry’s first NTN ground base station and the completion of the world’s first 5G IoT-NTN direct-to-cell trial over the S-band as well as the industry’s first maritime trial and NR-NTN lab and field trials. “These efforts aim to provide capabilities for emergency communication, wide-area IoT, and internet services,” the company said.