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Winners of GTI Awards 2024

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

2024-02-28 12:10:00| Source:

After comprehensive evaluation on contribution to 5G Technology and Product, 5G Enterprise Network Solutions, and 5G Innovative Applications & Monetization, a total of 9 operators, 12 industrial partners and 7 individuals across terminal, chipsets, network infrastructures, test systems and verticals have won the GTI Awards 2024.

Innovative Breakthrough in Mobile Technology Award

Ericsson Multi-Dimensional Energy Saving


• First time to introduce intent and AI concept to optimize energy-saving and end-user experience from multi-dimension
• In partnership with China Mobile, it has been well proved in field

Qualcomm Technologies Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform

Qualcomm Technologies

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is the first mobile platform designed with generative AI in mind. It tackles complex productivity and creative tasks with total privacy, monumental artistry, and unparalleled on-the-go proficiency.

ZTE Corporation

ZTE Dynamic RIS - Towards Cost-effective and Sustainable 5G-A and Beyond

ZTE Corporation

ZTE Dynamic RIS (Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface) extends the base station coverage by intelligently reflecting its signals, resulting in optimal coverage and user experience at a cost-effective and low carbon approach.


5G-A GigaGreen System


• Leading Green Energy-Saving Solution
• Transitioning from Idle Time Energy Saving to All-Day Energy Efficiency
• The entire GigaGreen product series is moving towards 0 Bit 0 Watt
• The industry first intelligent energy-saving solution that achieves both user experience and efficiency without compromising user perception


MediaTek M60 – 5G Redcap Modem


• World’s 1st Modem-RF SoC for 5G IoT and Wearables
• MediaTek’s unique advantages in industry-leading power-efficiency, enhanced coverage
• Extremely compact platform with simplified, yet highly reliable connectivity


L4S Enable XR in Mobile Network


• L4S enabling scalable deployments of e2e low-latency services
• Adopted as a rate-adaptation mechanism in supporting XR traffic in 3GPP Rel-18
• Nokia Bell Labs has been one of the driving forces for L4S
• Contributed the first open-source implementation of the new congestion-control algorithm-TCP Prague

Rohde & Schwarz

A Leading RedCap Test Solution from R&D to Certification

Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde-Schwarz CMX500 OBT supports full life-cycle RedCap test solutions, including:
• R&D RF, Protocol
• R&D application. E.g. VoNR, TPut, Slicing, Power Consumption
• Network operator acceptance NS-IOT





• UNISOC's 1st satellite SoC chip
• Integrated RFIC & PMIC
• Compatible with Inmarsat/Tiantong-1
• Expandable to other high-orbit satellites
• Flexible hardware, efficient deployment


Keysight 3GPP NTN Testbed


• Innovative Solution by integrating digital twins of 3GPP NTN UE, gNB and Channel Models
• Bringing Sky to Lab for enabling and accelerating 3GPP NTN research, development and commercial deployment
• Leveraging exited solutions to support 3GPP NTN based on Rel-17 and onward


The Dual-Frequency (700Mhz+900Mhz) Multi-mode RRU Product Solution


The 700M+900M dual-band Base Station is upgraded with an innovative multi-band solution and high-performance devices to create a minimalist network.

Innovative Mobile Service and Application Award

Nokia AI Enabled, Centrally Managed 5G Inspection Robot


• Managing multi-type 5G+AI robots with unified software
• Simple self-configurable inspection robots with intelligence in the center
• AI models work on rich set of environmental and cognitive data
• Integrated with PWLS on industry edge site


ZTE Corporation

5G-A Empowers VR Multiplayer PvP Gaming

ZTE Corporation

• Larger participation of players and enabling remote interaction
• Lower costs with a unique adaptive multi-layer rendering architecture
• Dedicated 5G-A RAN scheduling to ensure high-quality gaming


Haier Smart Home & Huawei & China Mobile

Digital Management System for Production Materials of Manufacture Factories

Haier Smart Home & Huawei & China Mobile

5.5G Passive IoT based digital material tracking solution, enables transparent production logistics, and helps industry improve production efficiency.


Türk Telekom

Cognistrative UAV and Traffic Management System

Türk Telekom

Türk Telekom end-to-end Cognistrative eSim, SDN/NFV, Cloud, 5G Mobile Communications and mission-oriented smart UAV and UTM Services are supported by Artificial Intelligence technologies.


China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited

5G Remote Demonstration Surgery

China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited

• Real-time, 4k high-definition video streaming
• Facilitate seamless collaboration among surgeons
• Enhance surgical education and training
• Enable remote observation and guidance during surgeries
• Revolutionize the future of surgical demonstrations

Turkcell & ZTE Corporation

Smart Grid: Turkcell's Energy Distribution Network to 5G Integration Project

Turkcell & ZTE Corporation

Companies ABB, Bedas, ZTE, and Turkcell successfully implemented Turkey's first smart grid application using 5G connectivity, allowing electricity distribution firms to cut costs and downtime. 5G facilitates faster, larger-scale deployment of differential protection than fiber optics.


5G Robotic Telesurgery


• Telkomsel, the leading digital telco company in Indonesia, supports 5G network to initiate the first 5G Robotic Telesurgery in Indonesia and breakthrough in medical science
• An innovative use case leveraging cutting-edge technology
• Marks as transformative impact on healthcare industry
• Aim to overcome disparities between rural and urban areas, and create equality in medical treatment


HKT 5.5G - Pioneering Asia's Next-Gen Fireworks Experience


• First in Asia for firework live-streaming by using 5.5G (5G+ SA+ mmWave)
• Low-latency high-resolution Drone broadcasting with over 430,000 on-site viewers
• Unlocking huge potential for 5.5G experience upgrades


Market Development & Monetization Award


Huawei & China Mobile & Neolix Technologies

5G-A Enabled L4 Unmanned Logistic of Hundred-billion Market Space

Huawei & China Mobile & Neolix Technologies

• 5G-A deterministic capabilities enable L4 autonomous driving vehicles
• Neolix making large-scale deployment in Beijing Yizhuang district
• 5G-A + unmanned driving is creating a new market worth hundred-billion dollars

Nokia    Nokia 5G Drone-in-a-Box for Public Safety in Belgium


• Police and fire brigades are dispatched often with incomplete data that can hinder the efficiency of their response
• 70 Drone-in-a-Box units, provide secure 5G-connected real-time, aerial data across Belgium
• Improving situational awareness, help to analyze risks and deploy personnel more efficiently that can save lives and limit damages

Zain KSA & Huawei    FWA² Solution – Open up New Space in the FWA Market

FWA² Solution – Open up New Space in the FWA Market

• Leading FWA² software and hardware solution
• Redefining wireless home broadband
• Establishing the most critical application of 5G-A
• Largest-scale smart site together with FWA service provide 10Gbps experience

Elisa Corporation    Speed-based Tariff to 100% Users for Sustainable DOU, ARPU, and EBITA Increase

Elisa Corporation

• Truly unlimited mobile data with fixed monthly subscription
• Mobile service revenue growth 4–5% since 2015, steady network OPEX & CAPEX with AI-enabled automation
• 5G for >90% of population, boosted customer satisfaction (NPS)

Rakuten Mobile    Rakuten Mobile & Rakuten Symphony AI Platform

Rakuten Mobile

Rakuten Mobile, with Rakuten Symphony, is pioneering the use of generative AI for proactive network maintenance, optimizing traffic, and ensuring service quality.

Honorary Award

5G-ACIA Afif Osseiran


Afif Osseiran

Mr. Afif Osseiran contributed to establishing a MoU between GTI and 5G-ACIA. He has actively worked within 5G-ACIA and GTI, focusing on setting up mutual communication to promote 5G solutions for various vertical industries.

Arete M PS Tang

Arete M

PS Tang

Dr. PS Tang contributed in harmonizing of WiMAX 2.X standard to TD-LTE, and took up leadership role in pushing GTI to provide advisory services to assist operator members and vendors in using successful deployments to increase 5G monetization.

Arm Panch Chandrasekaran


Panch Chandrasekaran

Mr. Panch has been a big supporter of GTI and a key bridge to the Arm ecosystem. His presentations on topics like sustainable networks and the use of AI 5G networks were received with great interest and generated in-depth discussion among GTI members.



Lin Li

Dr. Lin Li, Head of GSMA Greater China Ecosystem Engagement, collaborates closely with GTI, promoting 5G best practices sharing and mobile ecosystem alignment, jointly driving industries forward.



Chen Lan

Ms. Chen Lan delivered presentations at GTI workshops, sharing insights on technical innovation and deployment experiences, and contributed to the development of GTI 5G Femto Technical Requirements White Paper.

Qualcomm Technologies Chen Bo

Qualcomm Technologies

Chen Bo

Dr. Chen led the project to win outstanding awards at GTI Awards 2023 and showcased a live demonstration on 5G XR with CMCC in GTI workshop. He also contributed significantly to GTI white papers, coordinated Qualcomm resources, and presented on XR Evolution at GTI workshops.

Turkcell Mustafa KARAKOC



Mr. Mustafa was responsible to deliver 5G technology and product program reports during GTI workshops, which received great response and were welcomed by the attendees, made valuable proposals and suggestions for GTI technical work development since 2020.

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