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GTI unveils the joint “2.3GHz Band Industry Statement”

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

2021-10-11 16:18:00| Source:

As 5G approaches, it will unleash the limitless possibilitiesenable more exciting servicesapplications in our society. Therefore, GTI together with multiple operatorsindustry partners jointly releases the“2.3GHz Band Industry Statement”.

Content of the Statement:


With the large-scale commercial launch of 5G networks, TDD spectrum can effectively meet network capacity requirementsgreatly improve user experience. With the low frequency band, large bandwidthindependent networking capabilities, the 2.3GHz is already the most widely deployed TDD 4G/LTE frequency band for mobile network operators. It will become the key resource for 5G/NRthe core mid-band spectrum of TDD. Therefore, GTI proposes to:

1. Accelerate the allocation of TDD 2.3GHz spectrum (2300-2400 MHz) with TDD continuous large bandwidth up to 100 MHz, reduce the deployment cost per bit,improve user experience across generations.

2. Remove possible barriers of the use of 2.3GHz. The industry is urged to work together to solve the problem of network coexistenceimprove spectrum availability.

3. Promote the devices industry chain to make mandatory the support of NR 2.3GHz frequency in 2022,better support key features such as EN-DC, carrier aggregation, SUL, 1T4R/2T4R SRS Antenna Switching80~100 MHz channel bandwidth.

4. Promote efficient use of TDD 2.3GHz spectrumaccelerate commercial launch by global operators.


About GTI

GTI is an international platform of industry cooperation. It was kicked off in 2011 by China Mobile, SoftBank, Vodafonea few of other operators. After ten years of joint efforts, GTI has developed 141 operators250 vendors. In 2016, GTI 2.0 was officially launched, aiming to further promote 4G evolution, 5G developmentcross-industry innovation.

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