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GTI Night 2013

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

2013-02-26 18:12:00| Source:

GTI is holding TDD Night 2013, which is another inspiring social event following GTI Summit 2013, during the MWC 2013 in Barcelona. This event is aiming to provide a relaxing and exciting experience for industry partners to observe the scale commercialization of TD-LTE.

GTI Awards

Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) Award program aims to acknowledge achievements and success of industry players in TD-LTE ecosystem across a wide range of market sectors. GTI Awards give vendors an opportunity to showcase their achievements and accomplishment at the world-class gathering.

The GTI Award 2013 intends to recognize innovation in LTE industry and encourage the industry to develop innovative products that address the challenges faced by GTI operators. GTI also intends to guide the direction of market and product development by encouraging the industry to satisfy member operators’ demands.

1. Category, Eligibility and Criteria

Category 1: Innovation Award

GTI Innovation Award is for product and technology. To be considered for a GTI Innovation Award 2013, the innovative product or technology must have been commercially launched, or will be launched or unveiled specifically before or at the LTE TDD/FDD International Summit (GTI Summit) on Feb 26th, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. 

GTI Innovation Award has 6 subcategories:

1a) LTE TDD/FDD Converged Solution

-----This award is for network solutions that support both LTE TDD and FDD modes.

1b) Multi-mode multi-band Product

-----This award is for multi-mode multi-band device products.

1c) TD-LTE Smartphone

-----This award is for Smartphone products that support TD-LTE.

1d) Test System

-----This award is for test systems that support TD-LTE tests and certification.

1e) Innovative Solution

-----This award is for innovative solutions e.g., small cell, eNB design, antenna, etc.

1f) Advanced TDD Technology

-----This award is for advanced technologies that are specifically applied to optimize the utilization of TDD spectrum.

GTI Innovations Awards entries are judged on how the product satisfies GTI operators' needs, innovative aspects of the product’s intended use and function, unique features, market potential, and its impacts on and leverage of technology.

For detailed description of the criteria, please download “GTI Award 2013 Application Form for Category 1: Innovation Award”.

Category 2: Market Development Award

GTI Market Development Award is for companies that make outstanding contributions to the promotion of TD-LTE to global markets.acknowledge the contributions of vendors, only those being members of GTI Partner Forum are eligible for the GTI Market Development Award. Deadline for approved membership status is set to 31 January, 2013.

GTI Market Development Awards entries acknowledge a company’s contribution to the development of the TD-LTE ecosystem, the convergence development of LTE TDD and FDD, the promotional activities of TD-LTE technology and its support of TD-LTE trials and commercial networks.

For detailed description of the criteria, please refer to the attached “GTI Award 2013 Application Form for Category 2: Market Development Award”.

2. Process

GTI Award program has an open application process:

1. GTI Secretariat announces the GTI Award 2013 is open for application.

2. Applicants complete the “GTI Award 2013 Application Form for Category 1: Innovation Award” or “GTI Award 2013 Application Form for Category 2: Market Development Award”

and return it to GTI Secretariat ( before the deadline: 31 January, 2013. Other supporting materials may also be attached with the application form.

3. GTI Secretariat assesses the applications based on the criteria and makes a recommendation report to GTI Steering Committee for approval.

4. GTI Award will be announced at GTI Night at 19:00-22:00, 26 February, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain.

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