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GTI Seminar: Multi-Mode Multi-Band Device

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

2012-01-11 18:09:00| Source:

Las Vegas, USA, Jan 11, 2011, Wynn Hotel-A GTI Seminar on Multi-Mode Multi-Band Device RequirementsArchitectures was organized during the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to promote TD-LTE device ecosystem. This seminar focuses on the solutions of TD-LTE devices in global band configurations. More than 100 participants from GTI member operators, invited operatorsvendors attended this meeting. This seminar provides an opportunity for OEMs, ODMs, chipset vendorsother critical component manufacturers to better understand operators requirementsfurther accelerate the development of commercial multi-mode, multi-band LTE devices.

  Session Sub-Session Time Topic Company Speaker  
GTI Welcome Note
CTO,Clearwire General Manager of CMRI,China Mobile
John Saw, Bill Huang
MMMB LTE Device Requirements
Multi-Mode Multi-Band Device RequirementsArchitectures
GTI MM-MB Device Task Force Leader,GTI
Herkole Sava
Ecosystem Survey
IWPC-2.3-2.7GHz 4G Device RF Front-End ArchitecturesDesign Working Group
Technical Director,IWPC
Graham Carter
Chipset & Platform Providers
Multi-Mode Multi-Band LTE Products,LTE Multi-mode Multi-band UE Solution,Chipset Architectures for Global LTE Deployments
Senior Director,Qualcomm Director,MTK Director Product Marketing,Director Advanced Technology,Sequans
Peter Carson,Johnny Yang,Ambroise Propier
RF Solutions
Multi-mode Multi-band RFIC solution,Filtering Solutions for the 2.3-2.7 GHz Ecosystem,(RF) Predictions for 2012,Tunable Antenna Modules for 4G Smartphones
VP Products,Strategic Marketing Manager,Director of Marketing,Chief Scientis
Vivek Bhan,William Mueller,Frank Stewart,Frank Caimi
Device OEM/ODM
The convergence trend of 2G/3G/4G technologies in devices,Implementation of LTE Mobile Device,Multi-Mode Multi-Band Device Ecosystem Seminar
CTO,Huawei VP,HTC Assistant VP of Handset Division,ZTE
Muzibul Khan,Jerry Hsiao,Wang Dong
Concluding Remarks
  • The Keynote Speeches

    GTI Welcome Note

    John Saw



    GTI Welcome Note

    Bill Huang

    General Manager of China Mobile Research Institute

    China Mobile

    Multi-Mode Multi-Band Device RequirementsArchitectures

    IWPC Organization, IWPC 2.3-2.7GHz Project Goals, IWPC Industry Survey Results, IWPC Working Group Milestone Activities

    Graham Carter,Technical Director,IWPC

    IWPC-2.3-2.7GHz Ecosystem Survey Results

    GTI Multi-Mode Multi-Band Device Working Group Objectives,GTI MM-MB Device Requirements,Device Architecture Considerations,GTI Device IOTTesting Strategy

    Herkole Sava,MM-MB Device Task Group Leader,GTI

  • TD-LTE Exhibition in CES


    TD-LTE concept vehicle

    Exhibited businesses: 
    Experience in concept vehicle High speed internet access; Real-time navigation; Video on demand;

    Video monitoring; Online maintenance; Music download etc. 
    Exhibited effect: 
    The combination of vehicleTD-LTE indicates the trend of car mobile internet application in future.

    TD-LTE Multi-mode dual-standby terminal

    Exhibited businesses: 
    GSM audiodata business; Online HD video on demand; Videophone; Online 3D game; MiFi etc.

    Exhibited effect: 
    Emphasize TD-LTE terminal will be able to provide users better experience of mobile internet businesses.

    TD-LTE robot

    Exhibited businesses: 
    TD-LTE tablet PC controlled robot performance

    Exhibited businesses: 
    Highlight the various broadband applications

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