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TD-LTE Exhibition-NGMN Board Meeting

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

2011-06-07 18:06:00| Source:

Demonstration Verifies LTE TDD/FDD ConvergenceRoaming Capability

On June 7-9, 2011, worlds first LTE TDD/FDD roaming was successfully demonstrated in China Mobile South Wisdom in Guangzhou. The demonstration signifies the industry move on the convergence of LTE TDD/FDDverifies its roaming capability.

Demonstration configuration:

LTE TDDFDD adjacent cells

Two RRUs (TDD RRU: 20MHz@2.6GHz Band38, FDD RRU: 2*20MHz@2.6GHz Band7)

Terminal: pre-commercial LTE TDD/FDD uni-mode, multi-band, single chipset USB dongle

Service: HD video streaming

During the demonstration, visitors experienced HD video streaming in a vehicle moving from LTE TDD cell to adjacent LTE FDD cellback to TDD cell. HD video streaming were transmitted over LTE network through a LTE TDD/FDD uni-mode dongle, which will reTDD/FDD network while the current network cannot offer qualified service.
It is a typical deployment scenario for LTE TDD/FDD dual-mode network. The demonstration simulates the commercial global roaming scenario that user roams among countries with LTE TDD networksLTE FDD networks. Similar mobile broadband user experience was achieved in both networks.

LTE TDD/FDD dual mode infrastructure equipment together with uni-mode single chipset terminal facilitatesproves the feasibility of LTE TDD/FDD convergenceroaming. It greatly enhances global operators’ confidence for LTE TDD/FDD dual mode network,efficiently promotes the industry-wide movement on LTE TDD/FDD convergencedevelopment.

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