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Madam Huang Yuhong

2022-11-07 13:39:00| Source:

Madam Huang Yuhong, General Manager of China Mobile Research Institute, delivered a speech on development and evolution of TDD spectrum. She stressed that TDD network’s success attributes much to the technological innovation in flexible frame configuration, large continuous bandwidth and DL/UL reciprocity. China Mobile has overcome many key challenges like Atmospheric Duct, TDD network coordination etc. She said currently the TDD mid-band industry already becomes the mainstream of 5G, with more than 70% 5G networks deployed with TDD mid-bands. And the 2.3GHz industry maturity is also getting better and better, 73 operators in 49 countries or areas acquired and deployed 2.3GHz, among which 12 operators already deployed 2.3GHz NR network. At last, she called on more countries to actively consider releasing more mid-band TDD spectrum and the whole mobile industry to carry out more and in-depth industry collaborations in promoting the new spectrum E2E ecosystem.