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LTE TDD/FDD International Summit 2013

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

2013-02-26 23:40:00| Source:

GTI Summit, hosted by Global TD-LTE InitiativeChina Mobile, supported by GSMA, will take place on the morning of Feb 26, 2013 during Mobile World Congress (MWC 2013) in Barcelona, Spain.

The summit is focused on promoting the convergence of LTE TDD/FDDaccelerating TD-LTE deployment in global markets. With the proliferation of commercial TD-LTE networks, operators are facing the challenges of affordable multi-modemulti-band terminalthe creation of a unified market by enabling global roaming. This Summit will bring together ChairmenCEOs of pioneering operatorsindustry partners to address these prominent challenges. Top leaders across ecosystem will shape the future of the industry at the critical juncture of large-scale commercialization of TD-LTE.


  Session Sub-Session Time Topic Company Speaker  
  Welcome Note   09:00-09:10 Moderator Chairman,GTI Steering Committee Craig Ehrlich  
  Keynote Speeches GTI Operators & Organization 09:10-09:20 TD-LTE Commercial Networks In India Chairman,Bharti Airtel Sunil Bharti Mittal  
  Keynote Speeches GTI Operators & Organization 09:20-09:30 TD-LTE Commercial Deployment Plan CEO,Clearwire Erik Prusch  
  Keynote Speeches GTI Operators & Organization 09:30-10:00 China Mobile’s TD-LTE Deployment PlanDevice Release Chairman,China Mobile Xi Guohua  
  Keynote Speeches GTI Operators & Organization 10:00-10:10 Convergent Development Of LTE TDD/FDD Director General,GSMA Anne Bouverot  
  Keynote Speeches Industry 10:10 Moderator Senior Analyst,HSBC Tucker Grinnan  
  Keynote Speeches Industry 10:10-10:20 Product For Converged LTE Smartphone President,Samsung Shin Jong-kyun  
  Keynote Speeches Industry 10:20-10:30 Product For LTE Multi-Mode Multi-Band Chipsets ChairmanCEO,Qualcomm Paul Jacobs  
  Keynote Speeches Industry 10:30-10:40 Converged LTE TDD/FDD SolutionNetworking President & CEO,Ericsson Hans Vestberg  
  Keynote Speeches Industry 10:40-10:50 Network Strategy Of TD-LTE Product Development CEO,Nokia Siemens Network Rajeev Suri  
  Keynote Speeches Industry 10:50-11:00 TD-LTE Smartphone ProgressRoadmap Global Executive Vice President,Nokia Jo Harlow  
  Keynote Speeches Industry 11:00-11:10 TD-LTE Chipset ProgressRoadmap Co-founder,Marvell Technology Group Weili Dai  

GTI Night


GTI is holding GTI Night 2013, which is another inspiring social event following GTI Summit 2013, during the MWC 2013 in Barcelona. This event is aiming to provide a relaxingexciting experience for industry partners to observe the scale commercialization of TD-LTE.

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