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LTE TDD/FDD International Summit Hong Kong

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

2011-11-15 23:00:00| Source:


  Session Sub-Session Time Topic Company Speaker  
Welcome Speech & Guest Introduction
Chairman of GTI Steering Committee, Novare Technologies Ltd
Craig Ehrlich
Opening Speech
LTE TDD/FDD convergent global market
Director General & Member of the Board,GSMA
Anne Bouverot
Opening Speech
The achievements of TD-LTE large scale trial in Chinathe TD-LTE market status across the world
Executive Vice President,China Mobile
Li Zhengmao
Opening Speech
TD-LTE as the unified wireless broadband solution for unpaired spectrumits commercial prospects
Erik Prusch
Opening Speech
on the implementation progressfuture plan as well as business modelsnovel services for XGP (compatible with TD-LTE)
Member of the Board, Chief Strategic Advisor to CEO,Softbank
Tetsuzo (Ted) Matsumoto
Keynote Speech
Mobily TD-LTE/WiMAX, deploymentexperience
Director Data & Solutions Engineering & Projects, Mobily
Ali Al Shehri
Keynote Speech
True Mobile Broadband
CTO, Softbank (Wireless City Planning)
Yoshioki Chika
Keynote Speech
Embrace the Mobile Broadband Era
General Manager of China Mobile Research Institute,China Mobile
Bill Huang
Keynote Speech
Clearwire Experience in LTE FDD/TDD
VP of Technology,Clearwire
Ron Marquardt
Keynote Speech
NEW 4G World, NEW Paradigm
Michael Lai
Keynote Speech
Whenwhere to invest in TD-LTE?
Executive Director of Global Investment Research,Goldman Sachs
Donald Lu
  • The Keynote Speeches

    Li Zhengmao, Executive Vice President, China Mobile

    Phase1 of Large-Scale Trial completed successfully; TD-LTE Showcase Network in Beijing will start construction

    The worlds first batch of commercial data cards with TD-LTE/LTE FDD uni-mode chipset has been commercially available.

    Anne Bouverot, Director GeneralMember of the GSMA Board

    LTE TDDFDD has achieved the goal of full convergence

    Since the formation of Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI), a lot of progress has been made. LTE TDDFDD has been builtone common platform in all the equipment. Many chipset vendors released TD-LTE products.

    Erik Prusch, CEO, Clearwire

    LTE TDD/FDD is the best solution for mobile broadband

    Clearwire has unmatched spectrum in USA wireless carriers. We hope we could use the best technology to leverage the vast spectrum depth. LTE TDD/FDD is the best solution.

    Tetsuzo (Ted) Matsumoto, Member of the Board, Chief Strategic Advisor to CEO, Softbank

    Softbank launched commercial services for XGP, a technology compatible with TD-LTE, on 1 November, 2011

    12000 base stations will be installed in 2012TD-LTE smart phone will be launched in autumn of 2012.

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