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E101 Outdoor


Vendor: Accelleran


1.Description of the product E101 Outdoor is a 2 x 24dBm TD-LTE Small Cell supporting all TD-LTE bands (and usual LTE FDD ones) with carrier and mission-critical grade performance 2.Differentiation and advantage E101 Outdoor is available today at price points which are competitive with outdoor WiFi solutions. The SW running on the E101 Outdoor is highly reliable, being designed and developed according to mission-critical standards used in the automotive, medical and avionics industry. The product meets the needs of wireless carriers needing small cell solutions which combine low cost, high availability and low cost of ownership. The E101 Outdoor has proven interoperability with most of the EPC and Home eNodeB-GWs available commercially and Accelleran offers full integrations with leading OAM and SON solutions. It optionally supports embedded EPC functionality 3.Target market Indoor and outdoor enterprise and urban/rural/remote broadband access for Fixed Wireless Access operators migrating from Wimax to TD-LTE, vertical LTE market providers/operators and incumbent operators intending to provide mobile service in the new 3.5GHz data capacity band. Either via direct channels to operators or indirect via OEM/ODMs.


Single Cell 3GPP Release 9
2x2 MIMO
24 dBm/port
TD-LTE B38,B40,B41,B42,B43 (and usual LTE FDD bands)