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Ericsson Radio System

Device:Base Station

Vendor: Ericsson


1.Description of the product Ericsson Radio System is an innovative, modular system that enables mobile operators to address growth opportunities and transform their radio networks by leveraging a multi-standard, multi-band and multi-layer architecture (3xMulti), delivering industry-leading performance on the smallest site footprint with the lowest energy consumption. Ericsson Radio System also includes the industry’s powerful baseband – twice the capacity compared to previous products – enabling operators to build distributed and centralized baseband configurations supporting high-capacity 3xMulti architectures. 2.Differentiation and advantage Ericsson’s Many-Core Architecture, at the heart of the new baseband, supports massive multi-core processing with ten times the energy efficiency of commercial, off-the-shelf processors. Multi-standard operation is supported, including carrier aggregation of combined LTE TDD and FDD operation. Going hand in hand with this paradigm shift, is the Ericsson Radio System Software which brings together LTE FDD & TDD, WCDMA and GSM into a unified architecture. With this, operators can better manage the complexities of the network with one O&M system for all standards. 3.Target market All market global