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T5845A Matrix Vector Network Analyzer

Device:Test Instrument

Vendor: Transcom Instruments


1.Description of the product T5845A is a new generation of multiport matrix vector network analyzer developed by Shanghai Transcom Instrument Co., Ltd. It can be widely applied to the research, development and test of RF devices in the fields of communication, medical care, scientific research and electronics. The instrument has made a breakthrough in conventional multiport test scheme of 2/4 port VNA+matrix switch. It can carry out parallel test on DUT with 10 ports under standalone operation, thereby greatly improving test efficiency and reducing test cost. 2.Differentiation and advantage - Frequency range:300kHz ~ 4.5GHz - Number of test ports:2-port basic unit (2~10 ports to be selected arbitrarily) - Dynamic range:>120dB(IFBW 10Hz)typ. 123dB - Power range:-50~+10dBm - Power accuracy:±1.0dBm - IF bandwidths:10Hz~100kHz - Trace noise:0.002dBrms - Simple configuration of multiport measurements - Up to 128 traces and channel - It supports standard VISA remote control command and is compatible with test cases of products of the similar type 3.Target market Manufacturer


Basic Parameter

Frequency range

300kHz ~ 4.5GHz


50Ω75(75connector via adapters)

Test port connector

N-Type, Female

Number of test

1 ~ 10

IF bandwidth

10Hz ~ 100kHz

Dynamic range

IFBW 3kHz:

300kHz ~ 10MHz : 80dB; 10MHz ~ 4.5GHz : 95dB

IFBW 10Hz:

300kHz ~ 10MHz : 105dB; 10MHz ~ 4.5GHz : 123dB

Frequency accuracy

5.0 ppm

Effective Data

Effective directivity

45 dB

Effective source match

40 dB

Measurement Speed

Measurement time per point

200 us

Source to receiver port switchover time

10 ms

Measurement Accuracy

Trace noise magnitude

0.002dBrms (Typ.)

Trace noise phase

0.02°rms (Typ.)

Power range

-50 ~ +10dBm

Power accuracy


Power resolution

0.05 dB

Temperature Dependence

Magnitude0.006dB /°C

Phase0.15° /°C

General Data

Display Screen

300kHz ~ 4.5GHz

Input connector type

50Ω75Ω (75connector via adapters)

Input reference connector type

N-Type, Female

Output reference connector type

1 ~ 10

Video output connector


USB connector

8 connectorsincluding 2 connectors with USB3.0);Female

LAN connector

10/100/1000 Base T Ethernet, 8-pin

Operating temperature range

+5 ~ +40°C

Storage temperature range

-45°C ~ +60 °C


90% 22°C

Atmospheric pressure

84 ~ 106.7kPa

Calibration interval

3 years

Power supply

220±22VAC, 50Hz

Damage voltage on port


Power consumption