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The 32nd GTI Online Workshop

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

2021-12-21 14:37:00| Source:

The 32nd GTI Online Workshop (5G Proximity Network Ad-hoc) was held as scheduled on 21st December, 2021. Nearly 200 global industry experts and representatives including ITEI (Instrumentation Technology & Economy Institute), Haier and other partners attended the workshop virtually, to discuss and share their views on needs and requirements in terms of production and management for 5G+ proximity network. The workshop consisted of four sessions as requirements and architecture, connectivity, computing and capability, and made an in-depth analysis on the technical integration of 5G with passive IoT, short-range communications and high accuracy positioning.

This workshop will further promote system innovation, technical research and industry development of 5G+ proximity network, empowering 5G to boost high-quality development of the industry.

Click below for presentation slides of this workshop:

Click here to visit the previous meeting page.

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