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The 39th GTI Workshop

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

2024-03-13 17:14:00| Source:

The 39th GTI Workshop was held on 24-25th February in Barcelona, Spain, which was attended by insightful industry leaders, experts, and representatives from international organizations such as GSMA, 5G-ACIA, NGMN and ITRI, from global operators like China Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, Telefonica, SoftBank, NTT DOCOMO, KT, SKT, Turkcell, Turk Telekom and YTL etc, as well as from industry partners. This workshop has provided a great chance to discuss the key trending technologies and innovative applications of the mobile information industry.

Madam Huang Yuhong, the Secretary General of GTI, recapped the goals of GTI 3.0 and shared the follow-up key work plans for 2024, which cover four aspects. In terms of platform operation, further enhance GTI’s leadership and vitality, and reinforce its cohesion and international operation capabilities; in terms of technical work, focus on the real needs of industrial development, and continue to carry out joint research to ensure substantive results; in terms of industrial promotion, enrich both the forms of industrial activities and promotion channels, to enhance global visibility; in terms of kicking off the 5G-A×AI development program, build Open Labs, establish open collaborative community to drive innovation, and explore more innovative use cases. All of these efforts will help to promote the integrated innovation of 5G and AI and further contribute to achieving the goals of GTI 3.0.

In line with the objectives of GTI 3.0, the experts and representatives from across the industry had in-depth discussions on key issues such as 5G technology and products, 5G enterprise network solutions, and 5G innovative applications and monetization. In terms of 5G technology and product, it mainly focused on topics of 5G new spectrum, new capabilities, new products, and new applications, and shared the latest achievements and technical views of the industry. The 5G new spectrum mainly discussed the 6GHz spectrum, the current status of the industry and the future development, and called on the industry to jointly promote the application of 6GHz spectrum. The 5G new capabilities covered topics on the application of intelligent technology in network operation and maintenance optimization, user perception improvement, and air interface capability enhancement, which will provide more opportunities for 5G technology to expand network capabilities and enhance business values. 5G new products focused on the latest end-to-end low-cost products, including low-cost RedCap products, integrated new station products etc. to provide more choices for  diversified 5G scenarios; the 5G new applications discussed much on the NTN end-to-end technology development and test solutions, providing more innovative ideas for the future development of global NTN. At the workshop, the "GTI White Paper on IMT System Operating in 6GHz Band Coexistence with Incumbents" was also released to promote the development of the 6GHz industry.

In terms of 5G enterprise network solutions, it focused on the key technologies and solutions of 5G-A that are green and lightweight, with performance improvement and capability integration to promote digital transformation. Furthermore, it had an in-depth discussion on topics of passive IoT, 5G deterministic communication, ISAC and other 5G-A innovative technologies and application cases, and shared low-cost and lightweight 5G intelligent network deployment solutions. Furthermore, it released the GTI Passive IoT Typical Scenarios White Paper and 5G Native Deterministic Technology for New Industrialization White Paper, to advance the scale application of 5G-A technology in vertical industries. In terms of 5G innovation application and monetization, it focused on households, businesses, ports and other application scenarios, and shared views on practical application cases, business models and successful experiences in 5G private networks, FWA, RedCap and other technologies. Meanwhile, it discussed the challenges faced in 5G commercial process, and explored the way of possible support that GTI platform can provide, which included regulatory frameworks, references, and end-to-end solutions from success solutions.

In addition, more than 10 5G end-to-end technology products and applications were displayed during the workshop, including 5G Femto, “Lingyun" 5G Cloud Base Station, SigWell, Haizhoubao, IF Pooling Distribution System, RedCap Module, and Advanced Passive IoT to further promote innovative technologies, products, and solutions to global industry partners.

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