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【NEW】GTI Report - 5G-A x AI: New Era, New Opportunities, New Value

2024-03-18 10:00:00| Source:

Table of Contents

1.  5G Commercialization Has Achieved Remarkable Results in the Last Five Years

1.1.  5G Commercialization is Advancing Rapidly

1.2.  5G Commercial Value is Gradually Realized

2.  5G-A x AI Promote Each Other, Create a New Era of 5G A2

2.1.  5G Enters 5G-A Stage

2.2.  AI Enables 5G-A to Expand More Possibilities

2.3.  5G-A Must be There Wherever AI Needs it

3.  5G A2 Create New Opportunities and Bring New Value

3.1.  New Connections: AI Helps Call Services Migrate from Communication Connections to Service Connections

3.2.  New Services: AI Helps Create Customized and Integrated Services

3.3.  New Scenario: Building an AI-Enabled Three-Dimensional Smart Network

3.4.  New Experience: Use AI to Improve the Immersive Space Experience that Integrates Reality and Virtuality

3.5   New Value: 5G A2 Creates New Business Value

4. Global Industry Cooperation Recommendations