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Telstra, vividwireless and NBN Co set to do batt... 11 th / 7 / 2011

Next Wednesday, July 13, Telstra, NBN Co and vividwireless will battle each other for 2.3GHz spectrum covering vast swathes of rural and remote Australia, and home to some 700,000 people.

Australia: WiMAX to TD-LTE 11 th / 7 / 2011

Perth-based ISP, Vividwireless, a subsidiary of Australia’s Seven Wireless, is moving from WiMAX to TD-LTE. The company aims to offer 40-70Mbps speeds within 18 months using Time Division LTE.

TD-LTE and the Lai of the land 7 th / 7 / 2011

LTE has been hailed by the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSMA) as the fastest growing mobile network technology ever, outstripping all previous standards in terms of the pace of deployment. But while LTE is a global standard, there are variations in how it is being deployed around the world.

SK Telecom to launch LTE network, invest $1.87bn... 1 st / 7 / 2011

SK Telecom Co. will launch its super-fast next-generation wireless network on Friday in Seoul, seeking a greater share of South Korea\'s data service market, and plans to sharply increase its investment in the new network technology.

Australia Focus: The Wright way forward 30 th / 6 / 2011

Australia may be physically located a long way from the pioneering LTE hubs of Europe and North America but in terms of next generation mobile networks it’s on track to become one of the leaders of the pack. caught up with Mike Wright, executive director of networks & access technologies at Telstra and a keynote speaker at the LTE Asia conference to discuss this progress.

Green Packet unit in 4G tie-up with China Mobile 29 th / 6 / 2011

TD-LTE technology is a 4G telecommunications evolutionary path for the future of mobile broadband.

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