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Vodafone Fiji adds 6,000 LTE subscribers in two... 18 th / 2 / 2014

Vodafone Fiji has signed up more than 6,000 customers for its LTE plan, since starting the service late last year. The company said this adoption rate is higher than...

Claro launches 4G services 18 th / 2 / 2014

Mexican-backed cellco Claro Colombia has opened 4G services in the Colombian capital, Bogota, making it the fourth operator to provide Long Term Evolution (LTE) in t...

Airtel providing 4G LTE mobile service in Bengal... 17 th / 2 / 2014

India\'s mobile operator Bharti Airtel has started 4G LTE services for mobile in Bengaluru, where Apple iPhone 5s or 5c users can get 4G at current 3G prices,

China Telecom starts 4G commercialization 17 th / 2 / 2014

China Telecom, the country\'s third largest wireless operator by number of subscribers, has announced, on Feb 14, that it will start 4G LTE mobile broadband services...

Tele2 Rus Holding accepting bids for equipment s... 17 th / 2 / 2014

Newly founded Tele2 Rus Holding has announced that it is soliciting bids for equipment,

Anite provides better emulation capacity for LTE... 17 th / 2 / 2014

The global wireless equipment testing provider Anite has come up with a major multi-link emulation enhancement for its Propsim channel emulator.