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5G Femto Technical RequirementsWhite Paper_v1.2 5 th / 9 / 2023

This white paper delvesthe development process of Femto cell, provides an overview of the industry's current state, analyzes the demand for key application scenarios, outlines the technical requirements for 5G Femto, and showcases typical demonstration applications. GTI aims to lead the high-quality development of the 5G Femto industry, accelerate industry innovation, strengthen fine-grained 5G network coverage, and drive the robust growth of the digital economy.

GTI 5G Metrics and Test Methods Towards XR White Paper_v1.0.0 5 th / 9 / 2023

This report aims to promote the formation of service quality evaluation metrics for XR service in the industry, define metrics of 5G performance, form a statistical method for the metrics of 5G performance, explore requirements of equipment capability and test methods for typical XR service. In the chapter 1 of this report, an overview and definition of service quality evaluation metrics towards XR are provided. In the chapter 2 of this report, an overview and definition of 5G metrics towards XR are provided. In the chapter 3 of this report, the requirements of equipment capability and testing methods toward XR service are elaborated.

GTI 5G Radio Network Intelligence Technical Requirements White Paper_v1.2 5 th / 9 / 2023

Network intelligence has received widespread attention from the industry, but there is no consensus on the basic capabilities that radio network elements should have, and the functional division and capability cooperation between radio network elements. The white paper on radio network intelligent technology requirements aims to make suggestions, form consensus, and drive the industry from the aspects of demand scenarios,  technical capability requirements, and architecture evolution.

Unleashing New Value with New 5G Technology 28 th / 6 / 2023

This report divesfive megatrends in evolution from 5G to 6G, namely: superior performance, high energy efficiency and lightweight equipment, network intelligence, integrated communication, sensing and computing, and space-air-terrestrial integration.

GTI Operator Secure Access Service Edge White Paper_v1.0.4 25 th / 6 / 2023

In this white paper, we mainly introduce the background, definitions and requirements of SASE, and analyze the benefits and advantages of establishing a SASE framework for operators.

GTI XR Network Technology White Paper_v1.0 25 th / 6 / 2023

This white paper aims to explore the key capabilities of 5G networks, devices and services to satisfy the large bandwidth and low latency requirements simultaneously for XR to achieve a new immersive service experience.

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