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GTI Technical Specification of 5G RedCap Lightweight Universal Modules 25 th / 6 / 2023

This white paper focuses on the medium speed Internet of Things field, with the R17 stage RedCap technology as the core, define the technical requirements of 5G lightweight universal module from aspects such as communication capability, hardware packaging, electrical interface, etc.

GTI Network Digital Twin Capability Grading White Paper_v1.1 31 st / 12 / 2022

This white paper constructs a network digital twin capability grading system. It provides technical requirements based on the characteristics of each level, and the application value of network digital twin is reflected in combination with typical scenarios and use cases. Finally, the future evolution of network digital twin technology and industry development are summarized and prospected.

GTI 5G Wireless Network White Paper Towards a Low-Cost 5G_v1.2 31 st / 12 / 2022

This white paper will serve as a platform to share and present the solutions and experience of the low-cost 5G network deployment, thus providing a reference to the industry partners to jointly promote the low-cost 5G industry maturity, drive its scale commercialization, and embrace the property of 5G ecosystem.

GTI Autonomous Network White Paper_v3.0 13 th / 12 / 2022

This whitepaper will focus on the key technologies and high value use cases enabling the L4 autonomy, with expectations to pool strengths from all parties to solve the challenges and fully unleash the potential of those new trending and solutions to help the industry moving its way forward.

NGMN-GTI Pre-Commercial Network Slicing Trials Major Conclusions_v1.0 23 rd / 11 / 2022

This White Paper tackles a more challenging, complex and practical domain by consolidating the pre-commercial network slicing test results from different chipset platforms and indicates that 5G smartphones and 5G S-modules have been able to support network slicing.

GTI 5G+Proximity Network Architecture Based on Digital Twin White Paper_v2.0 19 th / 10 / 2022

This white paper introduces the digital twin-oriented 5G+ proximity network architecture, and gives the future 5G+ proximity network technology evolution direction and application prospects based on market, industry, technical requirements, etc., which may promote the digital and intelligent transformation of vertical industries.

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