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GTI Classification of Malicious Links for Vertical Industries_v1.0.0 26 th / 8 / 2022

This white paper aims to unify the malicious links classification framework and standardize the type and name of malicious links. This is conducive to the design, development, construction and evaluation of the malicious links monitoring system. At the same time, it provides basic support for different vendors to realize information sharing and exchange. It also provides strong support for Internet governance.

GTI 5G Device Function and Performance Test Specification_v4.3 7 th / 5 / 2022

This specification provides evaluation criteria for basic functions and performance in the 5G test. Considering various test requirements, specific test cases and methods are designed, together with the basic requirements for each test category, number of test devices, and tailored agreements.

GTI White Paper on Future Spectrum Demand of 6GHz Band 23 rd / 3 / 2022

This white paper will the global market development progress and application trends, analyze the spectrum needs and address how new spectrum could benefit both the new market of mobile networks and the industry innovations. It concludes that additional spectrum is needed for IMT/5G to provide the capacity for innovation and future development. Harmonization of the 6GHz spectrum for IMT is imperative to sustain future capacity needs for affordable connectivity.

NGMN-GTI Definition of the Testing Framework for 5G Device Network Slicing Pre-commerical Trials_v1.0 3 rd / 3 / 2022

This document was completed jointly by NGMN and GTI. It is to provide a testing framework for 5G device network slicing pre-commercial trials based on the actual network elements, which include the test cases of the configuration and usage of NSSAI, UE route selection policy, interworking with EPC and other service specific network slicing test cases.

GTI 5G Autonomous Network White Paper_v2.0 30 th / 12 / 2021

This white paper is the second version of GTI 5G Intelligent Network White Paper, and from this version, the title of this white paper evolves"GTI 5G Autonomous Network White Paper". This white paper mainly focuses on 5G autonomous network, including but not limited to the status of global standardization and industry, use cases analysis, essential capacities, autonomous network levels, autonomous network architectures of the representative use cases, and general function requirements on autonomous network elements and autonomous network management, in the meantime, further studies of Autonomous Network.

GTI Security Test Guide for 5G eMBB Device_v0.1 20 th / 12 / 2021

The purpose of this document is to enable the suppliers of 5G eMBB devices to assess the conformance of their devices to the GTI Security Test Guide for 5G eMBB device. Completing a GTI Security Assessment will allow an entity to demonstrate the security measures they have taken to protect their products.

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