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GTI Security Technical Implementation Guide for 5G eMBB Devices_v0.1 20 th / 12 / 2021

This technical implementation guide was completed against such a background: with the development of 5G, the devices will be affected and changed soon, and changes in device function and structure will also bring some new security risks.make the terminal more secure to deal with new hardware security and new data security, the device needs some security functions to ensure the normal operation of its own services and functions.

GTI 5G+ Proximity Network White Paper_v0.1 20 th / 12 / 2021

This white paper will introduce the understanding and recognition of future industrial proximity network from China Mobile perspective, and propose the comprehensive suggestions of future industrial proximity network based on the research of market, industry, and technology requirement.

GTI Digital Twin Capabilities and Use Cases White Paper_v1.0 10 th / 12 / 2021

This white paper introduces the development overview and architecture of digital twins as well as highlights the key core capabilities necessary for the development of digital twins, further elaborates the application value of digital twins with actual cases in key vertical industries, and gives an overall outlook and suggestions for the future evolution of digital twin technology and industry development.

GTI 5G Device FunctionPerformance Test Specification_v4.2 13 th / 10 / 2021

This specification provides evaluation criteria for basic functionsperformance in the 5G test. Considering various test requirements, specific test casesmethods are designed, together with the basic requirements for each test category, number of test devices,tailored agreements.

GTI Proximity Networks Lifecycle Management Based on Digital Twin White Paper_v1.0 13 th / 10 / 2021

This white paper proposes an industry proximity network lifecycle capability system based on Digital Twin technologydevelops the industry proximity network Digital Twin Network Lifecycle Management (DT-NLM). It aims to provide referenceguidance for the industry when designing related projectsproposing solutions.

GTI Built-in Security for Telecommunication Networks White Paper-v0.1 1 st / 9 / 2021

Based on current 5G network security statusrequirements from telecom operators, this white paper provides an overview of the goalsthe architecture of 5G endogenous security, its capabilitieskey requirements. Conclusions are made to telecom operatorsequipment vendors on effective collaboration to promote the developmentadoption of 5G endogenous security.

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