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The 4th TD-LTE Technology and Spectrum Workshop

Report in Collaboration with the GSMA Highlights Best Practice from National 5G Plans

2014-12-07 14:55:00| Source:

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Conference Video:


Time Topic Speaker(Confirmed)
13:00-13:05 Welcome Speech

Mr. Zhao Houlin

Deputy Secretary-General

Secretary-General Elect


13:05-13:15 The Status and Plan of 4G Development in China

Mr. Mao Weiming

Vice Minister, MIIT

13:15-13:25 Vision of Services Development in 4G Era

Mr. Roberto Ercole

Senior Director of Long-Term Spectrum


13:25-13:35 TD-LTE Booming of China Mobile

Mr. Dong Xin

EVP, China Mobile

13:35-13:45 STC’s 4G Development and Strategy

Eng. Abdullah Alzmame
VP, Network Sector,STC

13:45-13:55 UKB’s 4G Development and Strategy

Mr. Nick James

CEO, UK Broadband

13:55-14:05 Boost MBB with TDD Spectrum

Mr. Göran Berntson

Director of TDD Industry Development, Huawei

14:05-14:30 Break and Visiting Booth

Panel Session

Moderator: Mr. Philip Marnick, Group Director of Spectrum at Ofcom

14:30-14:35 Opening Speech Mr. Yang Hua
Secretary General of TDIA
14:35-15:00 Panel I Release assignment for 2.6 GHz 
• Minimum block size and reinforce synchronization policy/guideline. 
• Success Case Sharing   
TDIA,China Mobile,SoftBank,Huawei
15:00-15:25 Panel Ⅱ Release assignment for 3.5 GHz 
• +40M-50M minimum block size and reinforce synchronisation policy/guideline. 
• GTI’s Strategy Plan for 3.5G. 
• Ecosystem on 3.5G and large scale commercial is expected to be in 2016
SoftBank, UK Broadband, MenaTelecom, Ericsson, Avago
15:25-15:50 Panel Ⅲ Release assignment for 2.3 GHz 
•+30MHz minimum block size and reinforce synchronisation policy/guideline. 
• 2.3G coexists well with WiFi . 
• To have success business model of LSA


GSA, YTL, Nokia


15:50-16:00 Summary GTI

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