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NetComm launches LTE Wi-Fi M2M router

2014-09-03 11:07:34| Source:

NetComm Wireless has launched the NTC-140W LTE Wi-Fi M2M router, designed to support high-bandwidth applications such as security video, digital signage, remote healthcare and emergency response, reported on Sept 2, 2014. The NTC-140W features 2 gigabit ethernet ports and high-speed Wi-Fi along with vehicle voltage support, GPS and ignition input. Thanks to its penta-band 4G module, the new product connects to most of the 300 LTE networks now launched in 107 countries, according to GSMA data. It offers automatic failover to 3G when outside of 4G coverage areas and fall-back to 4G when the gigabit ethernet ports are used as an alternate Internet connection. The built-in VPN client ensures a secure connection over public mobile networks.