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Dutch LTE network roll-outs slowly in August

2014-09-03 11:16:35| Source:

Dutch mobile operators added 226 new antennas in August, of which 158 were for LTE, reported on Sept 2, 2014. At the end of August, there were a total 33,355 mobile antennas active in the Netherlands, according to the Antenna Bureau. The number of GSM 1,800 antennas grew by two in the past month to 3,755, and four GSM 900 antennas were added for a total 10,009. The UMTS base increased by 62 in August to 13,090, and there were a total 6,501 LTE sites at the end of the month. The growth in LTE antennas has slowed compared to previous months. In July, 737 LTE antennas were added, and the growth in May was 979.