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Smile offers limited Internet access after bundle used up

2014-09-03 11:13:33| Source:

Nigerian LTE operator Smile Communications has introduced new products for customers, reported on Sept 2, 2014. SmileON keeps customers online even when their bundle is at zero. SmileON is available automatically if a purchased bundle is depleted before the end of its validity period. SmileON allows access to limited sites and applications, such as banking and news services, browsing, email, social networking, Skype voice calls, messaging, government sites, Wikipedia and others. It ensures customers remain connected until they purchase a new bundle or the validity period of the previous bundle expires. Smile also highlighted its MySmile customer portal, where customers can select the speed of the Smile service and change it at will. In addition, there are a series of customer tips available on the website or on the Smile Facebook pages to help people manage their data usage.