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TD-LTE Micro eNB & Relay: outdoor trial test res... 5 th / 6 / 2013

From Dec 2012 to Jan 2013, China Mobile Research Institute, China Mobile Guangdong and ZTE Corporation finished the field trial of the TD-LTE Integrated Micro eNodeB...

TD-LTE live HD TV broadcasting: Xiamen Internati... 21 st / 5 / 2013

On Jan 5, China Mobile’s TD-LTE network transmitted a live video stream of the Xiamen International Marathon to TV centers of China Central TV and Xiamen TV for live...

Mexican government aims to reach final decision... 20 th / 5 / 2013

A final decision regarding the 190MHz block of spectrum in the 2.5GHz band currently held by MVS Telecomunicaciones could soon be made by the Mexican government, Reu...

Italy identifies rules for mobile broadband auct... 19 th / 5 / 2013

AgCom, Italy’s telecom regulator has approved a new rule that starts the procedures for allocating the frequencies for mobile broadband services.

France wants $3.5 billion for its 4G frequencies 16 th / 5 / 2013

France hopes to get at least 2.5 billion euros ($3.53 billion) for the fourth-generation (4G) wireless frequencies it plans to grant to telecom operators in an upcom...

Ofcom talks up spectral efficiency benefits of L... 13 th / 5 / 2013

Early \"4G\" technologies alone will not meet data demand, U.K. regulator notes; more spectrum, small cells will also be key.